Aircross 6
Aircross 6 Vtol UAV is the third generation of our new flagship product: electric, long endurance, sea level maximum duration of 160 minutes, 1 minute ultrafast and convenient express setup structure, time is short, without landing and airspace requirements, modular payload,payload can be quick disassembling replacement task, capable of carrying differential system, both to perfect the system of monitoring warning and emergency processing logic, help you safe operation.
Modular design of fuselage
The uav system is driven by electric
It can carry payload for different task
160min endurance,satisfying middle-large task
Use folding design,deploy in 1 minute
With intelligent GCS,multiple emergency response strategies
5*CMOS 丨 24.3MP,total pixels>1200MP 丨 45°
APS-C frame(23.5mm*15.6mm)
SHARE 4200
42.4 megapixel 丨 full frame(35.9mm*24mm)
4.5UM7952*5304 autopilot trigger
G20T-30X35double light pod
SONY optical CMOS 丨 FHD 1080P@30
+45°to -135°Angle of Control Range丨 16G
Yusense MS600 v2
1/3 inch CMOS 丨 1.2MP 丨 Global Shutter maximum storage 128GGPS accuracy CEP2.5M
Environmental Monitoring
The high-resolution images generated by UAV can directly identify the pollution source, pollution mouth and visible floating objects, and generate the distribution map, which provides the basis for environmental assessment and environmental monitoring. The multispectral images generated by this method can directly and comprehensively monitor the environmental quality of surface water, thematic maps of eutrophication, water bloom, organic pollution degree, clarity and transparency, pollution degree of sewage outfall and other information, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring and monitoring water quality pollutants.
Folding Design,Rapid Deployment
The fuselage is connected to the tail-wing with a folding design,a flick of the upper hand can quickly deploy