Sharp-eyes GB10

Sharp-eyes Nano

61 MP


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Multi-lens tilt camera

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EFLY's Intelligent pod

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Sharp-eyes GB10 series stabilization 4K Gimbal

Sharp-eyes GB10 serial 3Axis stabilization Gimbal

Sharp-eyes GB10 series is a lightweight three-axis anti-shake photoelectric pod, the lens uses 10 times optical zoom, GB10-4K series has 4K60FPS video resolution, support up to 120 times mixed zoom, GB10-N series uses 0.0001lux ultra-low illumination sensor, bring a new experience for all-weather operation.
GB10 series multi-optical models cover a variety of sensors such as laser irradiation, laser ranging, thermal infrared imaging, high power LED fill light visible/invisible light, etc.
GB10 series only weighs 390g (single light) ~420g (multi-light), supports lifting or vertical installation, and has IP65 protection capability, you can deploy it on all-weather operation of unmanned equipment, including UAV, quadruped robot, unmanned vehicle and even unmanned boat.

Three axis cloud head equipped with infrared thermal imaging
640pix highly sensitive thermal imaging, independent IMU control cradle position, support picture in picture switching
AI recognition and intelligent tracking
Infrared target tracking can reduce the interference of complex environmental background, reduce the problem of tracking performance change of target scale change, and improve the ability of all-weather work