Aircross 6Air Vtol UAV is the third generation of our new flagship product: electric, long endurance, sea level maximum duration of 180 minutes, 1 minute ultrafast and convenient express setup structure, time is short, without landing and airspace requirements, modular payload,payload can be quick disassembling replacement task, capable of carrying differential system, both to perfect the system of monitoring warning and emergency processing logic, help you safe operation.
Optimal Aerodynamic
The rigorous aerodynamic design gives the AC6A a maximum endurance of three hours, but also guarantees it a very broad flight profile. In rotor mode it can take off and land at an altitude of 4500m, and in fixed-wing mode you can take it up to 7500m.
Rich Payload
AC6A has a rich payload family, you can choose a variety of mission payloads according your need, and easily switch through the quick load module
Realtime 3D modeling
Equipped with dedicated sensors and edge computers, AC6A enables real-time 3D modeling of large areas of the ground, allowing you to quickly assess the scene in the event of a disaster.