Easily & Intelligently
Based on Google 3D GIS map, after setting and presetting parameters, the best route can be quickly generated, the combat environment can be intuitively understood on the 3D map, and the complex route can be easily and intelligently planned
Signal Blind Area
For route sampling, calculate whether the connection between sampling point and Home point intersects with the terrain. If they do, it means that the point is blocked by the mountain. Connect the intersecting sampling points into planes, indicating that there will be blind flight during flight.

Safe Course Altitude
If the height difference between the planned route height and the altitude is less than 70 meters, the flight height of the aircraft is dangerous. Therefore, the route is shown in red, indicating that the navigation height of the area is unsafe and needs to be reset.

Safe Landing Area
With the takeoff and landing point as the center radius of 500 meters, intensive sampling points are generated, and the safe area is intelligently judged according to the elevation data, and the safe area is visually displayed. Hover points are placed to improve flight safety.